Children of Doctrine

Image by Mitchell Griest
   Always to the right of wrong,
   this journey that stretches over centuries
   looking for home, for more than
   to work and die
   to be children of woe
   kneeling before graves
   kneeling before gods
   like rabbits to be slaughtered
   behind walls of gray, of concrete
   walls of judgment, walls of flesh,
   faced with violence, disdain
   brightly shining despite, always despite
   forging ahead, despite the spite
   oh to forget, to forget the erasure
   forget the labels
   forget the places created to house and hold
   to have and to hold
   in the hold, underground, in the cracks of space
   finding space to take up space,
   to create, to be
   more than a number, more than statistics
   part of a great number who has gone before
   a blur in the collective
   to flow with the ancestors, flow into the future
   to become all things and nothing at once


Published by cathlinet

Teacher activist, social justice advocate, educational leader.

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